Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Flexcrete by Valcon Industries



FlexCrete is a high strength polymer admix that is easy to use and job site ready. Use FlexCrete in any concrete repair, restoration or new construction. Use FlexCrete liquid with FlexCrete Dry Mix or any other dry goods such as pool plasters to dramatically improve the quality, strength and durability of the finished product. FlexCrete can be used in any concrete repair, restoration or new construction.
Add FlexCrete to all concrete repairs. Use FlexCrete for patching, feather edging, moisture resistant parging, overlayments, stamping, spalling. FlexCrete can be colored to meet end user requirements. FlexCrete can be poured into forms, trowelled vertically/overhead and sprayed using a variable mix for a wide variety of applications.
Economical-reduced labor, product and touch up costs, high productivity, can be sprayed easily to gain quick application and high product yield, quick return to service. Bonds to virtually any surface and will not delaminate, maintains adhesion even under strain with no failure at bond line. Will not shrink on cure. Use regular concrete tools. Resistant to mold/mildew/salt intrusion.
Surface must be clean, dry or damp, and free of loose material. Remove all dirt from area to be covered leaving a rough, clean surface. Surface should be power washed and can remain wet but avoid standing water. Keep an adequate supply of water on hand to keep equipment clean.
FlexCrete can be finished by squeegee, spray, trowel or broom. Various mix design formulations are available based on specific applications. These include mix designs suitable for full depth (6″), incremental, partial depth (2″), or thin bonded overlay (1/16″ to 1/2″). Surfaces can be smooth or high skid-resistant finished, feather edged and broom finish is easily obtainable with FlexCrete without adhesion loss. For over coating, allow 24 hours to cure before over coating. The cured surface needs no preparat n but must be clean before applying second level of product. Store material in a clean dry area away from direct heat. Setting time of the mixed material will be greatly accelerated if the components are stored in warm or hot environments, and conversely, the setting time is extended if the material is kept cool.
Keep all materials dry. DO NOT ADD WATER TO THE MIX. Maintaining the mix ratio as supplied: one gallon of liquid to one bag of dry component will give a consistency suitable for most trowel applications; however the slump may be adjusted to the applicator’s preference or to suit the specific job conditions by increasing either of the two components. DO NOT ADJUST THE SLUMP BY THE ADDITION OF WATER. Mix the two components by drill and paddle or mechanical means, let set 4 – 5 minutes, re-drill and then use.
If you use concrete, You need FlexCrete !