Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pool and Spa Manufacturers Reps- Professional Lines

Professional Lines Serving the State of Florida, Texas, Latin America and the Caribbean. Representing Quality Pool and Spa Products Since 2000 We provide products for every aspect of the pool and spa industry for Wholesale distributors, builders, retailers, and service companies. Contact: Fernando Barragan: Principal- Contact: Asdruval Tony Gonzalez: Principal-


  1. It's nice to know that some companies are taking pool accessories seriously. Here in Arizona, pools are essential, especially in summer, because of the extremely hot dessert terrain. I usually schedule the services of Pool Cleaning Az to make sure our pool won't shelter any unseen bacteria.

  2. I have a pool that has been nothing but problems lately. Sometimes when we turn on the pump, a blue liquid leaks from the motor and I don't think that is normal or safe. I want to find a good pool servicing company to come take a look at it.