Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2015 - Int'l Pool I Spa I Patio Expo Las Vegas



See what happened in 2014!

   The Int'l Pool I Spa I Patio Expo, a must attend event for the pool, spa and backyard industry professional.  With live demonstrations and product displays, powerful education seminars and engaging networking events, the Int'l Pool I Spa I Patio Expo is THE place that pulls together pool, spa and patio industry suppliers, manufacturers and service providers with the largest group of retailers, builders, service professionals and landscape architects from around the globe.

Monday, August 10, 2015

SGS Breeze Chlorine Generator 320,540,760

Saline Generating Systems combines this advanced technology in a system that is simple to operate and easy to maintain, designed with our customer in mind.  SGS Chlorinators have the highest output and the longest warranty of its kind.
The Breeze Series
The Breeze Series for residential pools and spas consists of three systems for better sizing of the body of water you need to sanitize.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

PoolAbility= All your pool and spa needs by Professional Lines: Flexcrete by Valcon Industries

PoolAbility= All your pool and spa needs by Professional Lines: Flexcrete by Valcon Industries

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Flexcrete by Valcon Industries



FlexCrete is a high strength polymer admix that is easy to use and job site ready. Use FlexCrete in any concrete repair, restoration or new construction. Use FlexCrete liquid with FlexCrete Dry Mix or any other dry goods such as pool plasters to dramatically improve the quality, strength and durability of the finished product. FlexCrete can be used in any concrete repair, restoration or new construction.
Add FlexCrete to all concrete repairs. Use FlexCrete for patching, feather edging, moisture resistant parging, overlayments, stamping, spalling. FlexCrete can be colored to meet end user requirements. FlexCrete can be poured into forms, trowelled vertically/overhead and sprayed using a variable mix for a wide variety of applications.
Economical-reduced labor, product and touch up costs, high productivity, can be sprayed easily to gain quick application and high product yield, quick return to service. Bonds to virtually any surface and will not delaminate, maintains adhesion even under strain with no failure at bond line. Will not shrink on cure. Use regular concrete tools. Resistant to mold/mildew/salt intrusion.
Surface must be clean, dry or damp, and free of loose material. Remove all dirt from area to be covered leaving a rough, clean surface. Surface should be power washed and can remain wet but avoid standing water. Keep an adequate supply of water on hand to keep equipment clean.
FlexCrete can be finished by squeegee, spray, trowel or broom. Various mix design formulations are available based on specific applications. These include mix designs suitable for full depth (6″), incremental, partial depth (2″), or thin bonded overlay (1/16″ to 1/2″). Surfaces can be smooth or high skid-resistant finished, feather edged and broom finish is easily obtainable with FlexCrete without adhesion loss. For over coating, allow 24 hours to cure before over coating. The cured surface needs no preparat n but must be clean before applying second level of product. Store material in a clean dry area away from direct heat. Setting time of the mixed material will be greatly accelerated if the components are stored in warm or hot environments, and conversely, the setting time is extended if the material is kept cool.
Keep all materials dry. DO NOT ADD WATER TO THE MIX. Maintaining the mix ratio as supplied: one gallon of liquid to one bag of dry component will give a consistency suitable for most trowel applications; however the slump may be adjusted to the applicator’s preference or to suit the specific job conditions by increasing either of the two components. DO NOT ADJUST THE SLUMP BY THE ADDITION OF WATER. Mix the two components by drill and paddle or mechanical means, let set 4 – 5 minutes, re-drill and then use.
If you use concrete, You need FlexCrete !

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Replacement cartridges

All WorldPool® cartridges meet or exceed OEM standards.
All Cartridges are skin-wrapped with full descriptive label and bar coding.
Extra heavy duty cores prevent collapsing without the need for restrictive devices. *
All cartridges are manufactured from top quality filter media.
Private Label packaging is available for high volume users.

Serving The Pool & Spa Industry For Over 60 Years! 

WorldPool Cartridges made in the USA by Professional Lines

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Professional Lines Glass Mosaic Collections

Pool Surfaces Glass Mosaics

Glass Mosaic

Offering limitless design opportunities, our stunning glass mosaics in their sparkling, brilliant array of colors and combinations, add energy to any project. Take your creative designs to the next level with Surfaces’ glass mosaics.

Professional Lines Glass Tile Presentation by plf_team

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pool and Spa Manufacturers Reps- Professional Lines

Professional Lines Serving the State of Florida, Texas, Latin America and the Caribbean. Representing Quality Pool and Spa Products Since 2000 We provide products for every aspect of the pool and spa industry for Wholesale distributors, builders, retailers, and service companies. http://www.professionallines.com http://twitter.com/PLF_TEAM http://professionallines.blogspot.com Contact: Fernando Barragan: Principal- Fernando@professionallines.com Contact: Asdruval Tony Gonzalez: Principal- Tony@professionallines.com

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pool inflatables and cleaning equipment

Swimline/International Leisure Products supplies everything you need for retail, including pool inflatables, toys, games, swim gear and HydroTools, our complete line of maintenance equipment. Contact Professional lines to become a Swimline dealer.

Paver sealers and stains & specialty coatings-Cobble Coat and Cobble Loc

Surface Logix has been manufacturing paver sealers and stains &specialty coatings since 1950. We take pride in producing the highest quality sealers, stains & coatings. Our compact structure and niche market orientation result in more attention to detail, efficiency and rapid response to your requests. Whether you're looking for surface cleaners, paver sealers, specialty color coatings or decorative concrete resurfacing products, Surface Logix has the solution. For over 60 years, we continue to set the quality standard for the paver sealer & stain industry. Contact Professional Lines for more information. info@professionallines.com or 305-558-3118.

ORP/PH controllers and feeders for commercial pools

Rola-Chem Corporation manufactures Peristaltic Pumps, pH/ORP Controllers, Chemical Storage Tanks and Flow Meters for the commercial swimming pool and SPA markets. Paradise Industries markets the Paradise SPA Vac, Paradise Power SPA Vac, Pool Sentry water leveler, Turbo Brush, Corner Brush, Ultrashine all purpose cleaner and Ultrashine leather/vinyl cleaner, Scumbug oil absorbing sponge Ultra Screen skimmer basket liner, Ultra Net skimmer net cover, Ultra Mitt cleaning glove, Ultra Patch pool cover patch, Ultra Strip solar cover patch, Ultra Handle hose carry / hanger and the Algae-Bugger II cartridge filter brush for the swimming pool and SPA Markets. Our products are reflect our motto – “Maintenance Made Easy” For more information please contact: Professional Lines- info@professionallines.com or 305-558-3118

Professional Lines ORP/PH Rolachem presentation by Professional Lines

Valves for all of your pool and spa needs

Praher Valves - Since 1986 has been supplying the pool and spa industry with top of the line residential and commercial valves. Praher valves is located in Barrie, Ontario. Praher valves Specializes in processing engineering resins suitable for chemical exposure and outdoor applications such as PVC, CPVC, PP, PPGFL and PVDF. Praher Valves are a certified NSF manufacturing plant. Contact Professional Lines for more information. Info@professionallines.com or 305-558-3118

Praher 2013 Pool Catalogue by Professional Lines

Green to clean with Orenda pool and spa products

ADA Pool Lifts Global Lift Corp

Underwater pool repairs

Pool / Spa test strips and electronic testers

Aquachek the history of test strips by Professional Lines


Telescopic poles and brushes

Cartridges, baskets, o-rings

WorldPool Cartridges made in the USA by Professional Lines